Franklin/Southampton County

Franklin/Southampton County

The Nottoway and Blackwater River are our scenic rivers and a haven for people looking to catch a variety of fish. Five state boat ramps will give you access to these rivers, there are endless possibilities for an active day on the river.

Kayaking in Southampton County

Both rivers are home to many different species of fish. It is normal to catch 5 to 8 different types of fish in one trip. In late winter/early spring, people travel from all over to spend time catching the American and Hickory Shad as they make their travels to spawn. This fish alone will give you a thrill to catch, but during this time, you can also hook up with the beloved rockfish. Once the weather gets warmer, you can catch multiple types of panfish along with largemouth bass, bowfish and gar. Don’t get concerned when the weather starts to cool, you can still hook up with many of these fish and smallmouth bass.

Not only is the fishing great on both rivers but the views are breathtaking. Both rivers are boat, canoe and kayak friendly, so you can take in all the wildlife and trees changing at any pace.

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