Wise County

Wise County

Wise County is the cultural crossroads of the Virginia Coalfields.

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There are festivals, music events and a wide range of outdoor and adventure based recreational activities that provide something interesting, and fun, for just about everyone. The county has produced world class authors, actors, and musicians including Adriania Trigiani, John Fox Jr., George C. Scott, Jim and Jessee McReynolds, and Dock Boggs. You can explore the ‘Round the Mountain’s Lonesome Pine Artisan Trail, The Crooked Road; Virginia’s Heritage Music Trail as well as the Coal Heritage Trail.  Proudly, Wise County is home to Spearhead Trail’s Mountain View ATV Trail System in St. Paul, Virginia, the first motorized public access trail system in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Flag RockWise County, nestled in the Southwestern Virginia Mountain range, was chartered in 1856 and named after then governor Henry A. Wise. Early exploration of the region began with Dr. Thomas Walker, Christopher Gist and Daniel Boone, as well as many unknown “long hunters,” trappers and land speculators.  Each made their mark along trails long used by the Cherokee, Shawnee and other Indian tribes. A visit to Wise County offers a taste of that first “Old West” in a mountain setting of natural beauty, history, music and mountain splendor.

In Wise County, the creative arts and mountain traditions are not something just written about in a brochure, they are a way of life.

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