Highland County

Highland County

Highland County is home to some of the most remote locations in the state of Virginia and offers three rivers for public fishing – the Bullpasture, the Potomac, and Laurel Fork. The Bullpasture and Potomac Rivers offer easy access just steps away from a main road.

Bullpasture River

Laurel Fork, located in the Laurel Fork Management Area, offers fishing amidst majestic scenery. Its location is a bit remote and requires some walking. With many trails and primitive camp sites, Laurel Fork is also great for backpackers!

Laurel ForkHighland County is also home to the Virginia Trout Company, which offers pond fishing for Allegheny Mountain trout. Frozen trout filets, frozen whole fish, and smoked trout are also available.

In addition to public fishing localities, several of our cabin rentals offer on-site fishing in rivers, such as the Jackson River, which doesn’t feature any public fishing sites. Check out our lodging page at www.highlandcounty.org/lodging for more details.

Many other exploration opportunities, such as hiking, downtown Virginia Trout Companyshopping, and tours, are waiting for visitors. Plus, we have local eateries, a cidery, and a pub for your taste buds to enjoy.  Not to mention our weekly Farmer’s Market (May – October), which can provide great sides to your catch of the day.

License Requirements
Residents: All residents 16 years of age and older are required to possess a state freshwater fishing license to fish for trout. Persons who fish in designated stocked waters must have an additional trout license. A National Forest Stamp is necessary when fishing in most waters within the George Washington and Jefferson National Forests.

Non-Residents: Out-of-state anglers who fish designated stocked waters need to purchase: a non-resident state freshwater fishing license (five-day, non-resident licenses are available), a non-resident trout license, and a National Forest Stamp (where appropriate). For fishing in wild trout or most special regulation waters, the non-resident needs only: a non-resident state freshwater fishing license, the appropriate National Forest Stamp and landowner permit cards.

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